The Wild Diet

The Wild Diet

Get Back to your Roots, Burn Fat, and Lose up to 20 Pounds in 40 Days

Book - 2015
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In early 2014, Abel James dined at a farm-to-table restaurant in Florida with twenty leaders in the health movement, a motley crew of bestselling authors, nutritionists, Olympians, cooks, and physicians. After a long week, they were ready for a feast. As their waiter scribbled furiously, Abel and his 105-pound wife, Alyson, ordered- Bacon deviled eggs Two roasted marrow bones with local herbs and spices Two hearty farm-fresh salads with aged meat, nuts, and avocado Charcuterie board with a trio of duck, lamb, and pork p#65533;t#65533;s; raw artisanal cheese; and homemade sauerkraut Saut#65533;ed sweetbreads Wild sea bass with mushroom butter sauce Grass-fed sirloin steak with heirloom vegetables (medium-rare, of course) As others watch in awe, Abel and Alyson polished off the lot, including more than their fair share of wine and champagne. One of the health experts said with a gasp, 'How on earth do you two eat so much and stay so lean?' This book is the answer to that question. In The Wild Diet , Abel James, former consultant to Fortune 500 food manufacturers, defense contractors, and petrochemical companies, gives us the dirt on the Big Food industry and reveals how to reclaim our health by getting back to our roots, breaking a good sweat, and enjoying hearty, homemade meals. If you've given up some of your favorite foods - like gooey cheese, chocolate, steak, bacon, butter, eggs, wine, and cheesecake - for the sake of 'health,' read closely. If you've exercised for hours a day, gritting your teeth and sweating pure misery, get ready to burn much more fat with just minutes of exercise a week. Sound impossible? Take it from the Fat-burning Man- Burning fat can be a lot of fun. Advance Praise for The Wild Diet - ' The Wild Diet is full of proven lifestyle hacks that will help return your body to the fat-burning, muscle-building organism it was meant to be. This book is a great read for anyone at any level - and it includes tasty fat-burning recipes, real-life stories, and the cutting-edge science behind Abel's simple diet and workout techniques. If you want to run at peak performance, read this book!' Dave Asprey, founder and CEO of the Bulletproof Executive and author of The Bulletproof Diet 'Food is medicine, and The Wild Diet 's menu is one of the most nutritionally dense 'medicine cabinets' out there. Abel has done his research, and his book shows you how to apply it to your life in a very realistic way. This book will change the way you look at food and exercise. More importantly, this book can help you take control of your life.' Terry Wahls, MD, author of The Wahls Protocol 'In The Wild Diet , Abel shatters conventional wisdom and gives us the truth about what it takes to be lean and healthy without obsessing about what we eat. There's a reason Abel's Fat Burning Man show has become number one in eight countries, and I have no doubt that The Wild Diet will be just as well received. Abel's message is simple, pragmatic, and can get you lasting results in less time and with less effort than you'd probably expect.' Yuri Elkaim, New York Times bestselling author of The All-Day Energy Diet 'If you've been yo-yo dieting and surviving on prepackaged 'health' foods with little or no results, you owe it to yourself to read The Wild Diet . Abel James shows you how to optimize your workout, diet, and habits to take your health back into your own hands. Abel rocks a chiseled six-pack and makes it look easy. As the owner of a one-pack, I marvel at his lean body mass!' Sara Gottfried, MD, New York Times bestselling author of The Hormone Cure 'A word of caution- Everything you think you know about diet and exercise
Publisher: New York, Avery, a member of Penguin Group (USA),, [2015]
Copyright Date: ©2015
ISBN: 9781583335734
Characteristics: 370 pages : illustrations (color) ; 24 cm.


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LRS1969 Jun 25, 2015

I have been reading several "Paleo", "Primal", and "Low Carb, High Fat" diet books for my one relative who is looking at getting into Paleo as a step before going into full-fledged LCHF Diet (with a Paleo slant).

Many books have been ones that I have been able to check out of the library (we have a great major metropolitan area, multi-county library network).

Many have been downloaded by the relative and loaned to me (such as this one and some others by this same author), and a few that were free or low cost and seemed to be "spot on", so those I often went ahead and downloaded.

Unfortunately, this book may very well have "simply awesomely delicious recipes" that may be quite cost effective per serving or yummy and easy or whatever....

But they are NOT even remotely Paleo. It is as if today's newer authors really have no clue what Paleo is.

Paleo isn't some slang name, but a SPECIFIC type of diet (actually life style). Paleo is NOT primarily fruits and vegetables (DOH, they are not ripe year-round!). Paleo is primarily animal based foods (meat, poultry, grubs, insects, occasional fish in certain areas, occasional eggs as available).

The whole concept of Paleo is to eat primarily meats and occasionally wild fruits, vegetables, and tubers (that could be found - they were actually pretty rare as one would find searching through any large wilderness area, were in season - ripe, and could be eaten raw!). That last point needs to be emphasized. The definition of Paleolithic Diet is food that can be hunted / gathered by primitive man equipped by a long sharp stick (spear), short sharp stick (digging tool), and very basic stone tools (stone knife, hand made, etcetera)... and could be eaten and digested for nutrients RAW with NO PROCESSING!!!

(Yes, MOST foods should be cooked as cooking improves the taste factor in most foods, deactivated / diluted many negative factors in many foods, and - most importantly - makes food nutrients MUCH more bioavailabile; and Paleolithic Man did eventually learn to control Fire and use it for cooking. That ended up being a major leap forward in Man's evolution as it turned out - see Wrangham's "Catching Fire")

Yet time and time again, I see this definition basterized ("but I don't like that definition, how can I have fake brownies and syrup covered pancakes with jellies fruits... I guess I'll just change Paleo to mean what I want it to... like how neat is that!!!"). Sadly I see this time and time and time again.

One sees Paleo books that aren't remotely Paleo.

Primal books that aren't remotely Primal

And authors who don't even know the difference and think that Primal is the same as Paleolithic; and the authors who think that "Whole Foods", "Local Foods", "Gluten Free", "Ancestral Foods", "Wild Foods", etcetera, are the same as Paleolithic Diet Foods... when they are not - in fact, most are much more Neolithic Diet food components, the very thing that generated our long-term health problems and led to Agriculture and the Western Diet.

So if these taste good and are cost effective and you really want to eat them, go ahead. And likely are - to some degree - better than a junk food oriented Western Diet.

But they are not Paleo. Or whatever.

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