The Exception

The Exception

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A German soldier tries to determine if the Dutch resistance has planted a spy to infiltrate the home of Kaiser Wilhelm in Holland during the onset of World War II, but falls for a young Jewish Dutch woman during his investigation.


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May 21, 2019

A gem of a film and how anyone could call anything about the Holocaust "silly" shows the provincial thinking of ["practical"] limited minds. Great acting -- screenplay of charm (and who remembers charm -- Oscar Wilde said it counts more than substance in matters of importance). Jai Courtney is a subtle actor who pulls off a complex character with heart and aplomb in astonishingly disciplined balance.

Apr 29, 2019

Well, the plot is silly, but the acting is good, and it has a more-or-less happy ending, so it's a good waste of an evening if you aren't willing to think too hard ...

Jan 07, 2019

Horrid nonsense.
Well, the backdrop is impressive, and acting isn't bad, but don't expect anything believable.

Oct 20, 2018

Here we are in Huis Doorn, Kaiser Wilhelm's residence-in-exile since 1918. It's the spring of 1940, the Germans have just invaded the Netherlands, and a wounded infantry captain is assigned to protect the ex-emperor there. (He is an officer in the regular army, not in the SS or the Waffen-SS, as a uniform-challenged comment erroneously asserts below.) Into his bed leaps a comely Dutch maid, who just happens to be a British agent sent on a personal mission from Winston Churchill! Will the Nazi leadership bring the Kaiser back to Berlin and restore him to his throne? Will Churchill's agent shoot somebody with the revolver she is always cleaning? Will our Hauptmann turn in the British spy once she is no longer between the sheets? Or will he be a Good German responding to a higher loyalty (aka “The Exception”) and help her escape from the Gestapo? And then there is the biggest question of all: will you be able to watch this movie?

Christopher Plummer has a grand old time playing Kaiser Bill as a music hall monarch. Janet McTeer is simply wonderful as the emperor's snobbish second wife, and Ben Daniels is very good as his faithful adjutant. Then there is Lily James, who raises the temperature as the dangerous maid who can't keep her clothes on. But the prize has to go to Eddie Marsan for his cameo as dinner guest Heinrich Himmler: cold, sinister, but also clueless, pedagogical, and oh so vulgar at the same time. Alas, all of this acting talent cannot overcome the goofy screenplay. But if you do stick it out, look for a nice little touch in the last thirty seconds.

Oct 11, 2018

Silly movie...if you're going to have a completely fictional unrealistic story don't use real-life characters and don't sugar-coat a war-monger like Kaiser Wilhelm II who was in part responsible for starting WW1.
Some movies are good....this one's The Exception!!

Sep 07, 2018

The title with key word "The Exception," AKA "The Kaiser's Last Kiss," provided subtle hints to the theme of this entertaining romantic political thriller. Other suitable names are "The Deception" and "The Sympathizer." Even when all are combined, they give away less than the library's description.

Aug 16, 2018

Great acting by experienced actors, great plot, always good edge of chair suspense. [n.8/9/18] Questions may arise, But Warning: *Potential Spoiler Alert / Plot Giveaway*, albeit *what happens,* aside from the notions to follow (and very much beyond them), is, in any case, still worth seeing, IMHO. I mean we know it's a love story per the description on the dvd case: "Espionage & Romance in equal measure." Ok then, lead-ups done with... The question in question (;-) is about whom the title refers to - as "The Exception." Is it the SS Captain who does not act like most all other SS officers, or the woman who somehow overcomes not only the difference from their cultural origins and beliefs, but the traumatic experience (of she and her loved ones) at the hands of SS/Nazis? Considering that she does so enough to be able to recognize -relatively early on- that he was an exception(?). Or, did they both somehow bring that out in each other (per fate, "what was meant to be," etc). Question 2 (or 3): Could there be good purpose in this story coming before audiences in the time of the *Me2* process, per some potential(s), perhaps yet to be fully discovered and/or developed, for and/or through some broad-minded considerations? (By whom(?) you may ask, and the "answer" that arises here is a reminder that we are all individuals with individual histories, capabilities, potentials, challenges, "stuff," goals, and purposes, etc.

Jul 16, 2018

Directed by David Leveaux in 2017 based on the 2003 novel "The Kaiser's Last Kiss" by Alan Judd, this war-time romance-thriller depicts a fictionalized account of the life of exiled Kaiser Wilhelm who unintentionally gets involved with a British spy.
Intrigueingly well crafted, this story will engage you from the start to the end.

Jun 26, 2018

I like this spy movie very much, with intriguing romance and love story. I love the choice of the end of the movie regarding any spy..... Christopher Plummer performed an excellent acting. a Movie worthwhile to watch.

Jun 21, 2018

Despite the excellent actors I never finished this film. Christopher Plummer - hard to believe he's 89 in Dec 2018 - always outstanding. Janet Mc T. & Eddie Marson, always excellent in any character. Jai Courtney....holy cow is all I can write. lily James, kind of lackluster.

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Sep 07, 2018

There was a girl. She was still alive. I tried to help her, but she died. I beat the officer senseless in front of his unit. It's men like that they shame the SS. They shame us all.
-But they are not the exception, they are the rule.
I'm ashamed to say that before and after my first marriage I, myself, fathered at least two illegitimate children: one with an Austrian countess, another with a French prostitute who was known in court circles as Madame L'Amour. Both of them, incidentally, blackmailed me for huge sums of money, the Countess and the prostitute. I expected better of the prostitute.
Do you expect me to betray my oath, my country, for you?
-I expected nothing from you, captain. You must do your duty. And I will do mine.
Its aim is to flush out any remaining monarchists, sympathizers, in the Reich.
You had 30 years to do something about the Jews, and yet you just let them get on with it.
Brandt, they are the rule. You are the exception.

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