They All Love Jack
They All Love Jack Busting the Ripper By Robinson, Bruce Book - 2015

Without doubt, one of the more entertaining JTR books on the market, Robinson uses his talents to skewer "Ripperologists" and the multi-million dollar industry they have created. Hence, the irony of the title "They All Love Jack" which not only is an immensely popular song written by Robinson's suspect, Michael Maybrick, back in the 1880's, but could refer to the Ripperologists feelings for the murderer who has made them a mint over the years. The other group that draws Robinson's ire - almost as much as the Ripper himself, are the Freemasons, whose clandestine, tight-knit society was responsible for the near-complete cover-up of Maybrick's actions over a period of years, not just a couple of months in the fall of 1888.

Robinson goes to great lengths to lay out the "whys" of the Ripper murders as much as the "hows" and it is a gripping page-turner at times. Definitely a must-read for anyone remotely interested in the case.

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