One can hardly give it zero stars given the source material, but my, what an unimaginative, scene by scene retelling, rather like a paint-by-numbers version of an old master. Several plot points simply do not work in the 21st century: Edward's obligation to marry Lucy doesn't carry the same weight,and since no two young people could possibly go more than a few hours without texting each other unless one was dead or comatose, Willoughby's failure to communicate with Marianne becomes highly implausible, and everyone's willingness to make excuses for him frankly bizarre. Giving Marianne the same chronic asthma which killed her father is a nice touch, but it makes her indifference to her health appear even more self-indulgent and childish than in the original.

For a truly masterful, creative re-working of S&S, try The Weisssman's of Westport or the films From Prada to Nada (set in contemporary L.A.) or I Have Found It (mid 20th century India).

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