Cold. Claustrophobic. Creepy. This fictionalized account of the real- life Borden Murders that took place in Fall River, Massachusetts, 1892 takes the reader into the heads of this dysfunctional family and associates, cleverly weaving back stories of the key living characters in this heartless, joyless house. We know from page one, a murder has been committed.

The setting and time period has been well researched but it is Sarah’s skill as a writer in voicing the key characters in all its detail:

“I looked at him, saw the beginnings of a grin, saw a little gap between his front teeth. He struck out his hand and I grabbed it, gave a handshake. His skin was elderly-soft, someone who never had to use their hands for work. There was blood on my thumb, on my wrist, and when we finished shaking hands, there was blood on his too. ”

..that makes you pay attention to this book and read till the end.

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