Can You Hear the Sea?
Can You Hear the Sea? My Grandmother's Story By Niall, Brenda Book - 2017

This is written by someone who knows how to write well, hold our interest and make characters come to life. This is the story of the writers grandmother, yet it could be the story of many immigrant women to this country in the early days of settlement.

For me there was an extra depth to the story as it was also the story of womens lives right up until the 1950s, lives that were curtailed by their sex and by the limited choices offered to them. It is difficult for us today to realise that having an unmarried daughter work was a cause of shame to a father (or brother). A working class woman might work through necessity, but once a certain level was reached in society then their lives were confined to the home. Education was neglected and the highest expectation society expected of them was to marry well and have children.

This book will expand your knowledge of the world of women in arlier times in Australia.

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