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Library_geek made a comment Dec 12 2018
"Like the original book, I love the imagination of the child character who knows that there is a Hippopotamus on the roof getting ready for Christmas. His Hippopotamus friend is making Christmas cake of course, a list for Santa, sitting on Christma..." Permalink
Library_geek created a list Nov 30 2018
General Recommendations
Books Librarians Love - Librarians Choice for December.
"Librarians across Australia have voted, and these are their top recommendations for December/January books."
Library_geek made a comment Nov 11 2018
"Elbow Grease is a small truck but has never let it bother him, he is also a little different to the other trucks, but it never upsets him. When his brothers teased him when he told them his dreams it only made him more determined, but when he stu..." Permalink
Library_geek made a comment Nov 09 2018
"The Meltdown is bound to be a Wimpy Kid fan favourite and had me engrossed from beginning to end. Greg Heffley kept me entertained and had me hooked from the beginning, when his imagination runs wild – thinking about his own talking toilet, unfroz..." Permalink
Library_geek rated a title Nov 09 2018
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